Rochele is a life consultant working with her clients to create and support exciting, balanced and successful lives

End upset and confusion about Emotions in the Workplace.

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"True Energy and the Chemistry of Relationship"

Client Comments

Relationship Consulting
"Rochele opens the door to a whole new understanding of how to view and understand our life experiences. She helps you see your essential truth in an entirely different light. She intuits this discovery with you, her insights are uncanny, and once you go through the process, you will never go back. She discovers the person you really are. It's like being born again."
- David Ross, CEO, Atlanta

"...Thanks to the work you did with me [it] has made a huge change in my life.  The kids are happier and I’m not shouting at everyone now.  I can honestly say you saved my life in more than one way...My wife has still not made a decision to stay or move. Old Brian would have been easy to leave as he was not nice! ...It’s so interesting to watch someone who learnt to dislike someone (me) so much and then finding they are not that person any more..."
- Brian Goodfellow, Sales Exec., London, UK

"Thanks, Rochele. I dropped my 18-year craving for gambling. On my last business trip to Las Vegas, I wasn't even interested in gambling. I really knew the change was real when my account manager gave me a black chip from his handful, and I walked by the roulette table with no desire to play. I cashed it in and brought $100 back home."
- Kimberly W. St. Louis, MO

"I wanted to thank you from the deepest corner of my heart for the work we did yesterday. I have worked with countless individuals and techniques around this exact same issue for 15-20 years -- - nothing ever made a detectable difference ... a true shift that I could immediately sense in the energetics of that matrix. ...You are absolutely amazing. Your service to humanity is huge. I don't know how you came to this work, but it is truly unique. I initially was resistant to my husband telling me I should work with you because, as I said above, I've done this kind of work over and over and over ad nauseam with people who promise the moon and don't deliver. They get to the same issues, similar time/space points, but never seem to clear anything. Yes, it's only 24 hours later, but I feel a tangible shift around my challenges with my business partner. So I want to work with you more."
- M. Morningstaur, COO, Reno, NV

Color and Lifestyle

"Rochele is truly a master with color. I knew right away that the colors she developed for me were accurate, and having the palette makes it so easy to organize and shop for everything. There is power in color - it can draw people to you and help them to feel comfortable in your presence. As a professional speaker, wearing my personal color palette not only enhances my image and my business but the thousands of lives that I touch."
Caroline Sutherland, Medical Intuitive and Author of "The Body Knows"
Blaine, WA

"I am so glad to meet up with Rochele and learn from her the secret of "color and me". Wearing YOUR colors just lets the true person shine through, whereas other colors can cover over your energy. This precious insight from Rochele has helped me in my career and my social life."
Teo Jing Huah, Project Manager

"Rochele opened my eyes to more than color - she jump-started me on a path to maximize my life. And the shopping trips have been so much FUN! I'm delighted with how my wardrobe makes me look and feel."
Ramona Gayton, Mariner
Seattle, WA

"Your colors not only made me beautiful , I found the set of notes and the discussion with you relating to my colors and personality- very accurate and helpful, for instance, whenever I am down and sick, I must have my windows open to let the sun in instead of going into dark rooms and retreat- I told my family about this as well- so that they can support me to be well and happy quickly."
Stella Lin, Management Recruiter

"It has been extremely helpful and also great fun to have a harmonious organizing system when shopping, decorating and making choices about everything. Coordinating color, tone, hue, value, texture and sheen become easier with Rochele's process. I recommend this as useful, entertaining and enlightening."
Kathy Feek PhD, Arts Commissioner and Educator
Kirkland, WA

"I had no idea how beautiful I could look - with such ease! And the shopping trip showed me how I can create coordinated "outfits" with many different pieces without having to buy an "outfit." Thank you, Rochele!"
Pat Darden, HR Consultant
Atlanta, GA

"Now I see how to put clothing together that helps me feel beautiful. It's fun to take advantage of sales so easily. I don't wear myself out trying on so many clothes that don't work for me."
Diane Wilkins, Managing Chef
Honolulu, Hawaii

"When my friends saw my colors, they all said "Yes - those are the right colors for you!" What a great change from my normal black. And people really notice the difference."
Mike Hiles, Public Relations Consultant
Los Angeles

"Shopping has become so easy. I just put my palette next to the clothing and match up the colors. My first trip after getting my color palette was to Eddie Bauer - it was a blast! And what a surprise on how many things I can put together."
McKenzie Perry, Entrepreneur
Atlanta, GA

"Understanding what it means to be Winter has really helped in how I choose clothing - and even in how I walk. It's amazing how much more quickly people notice me when I come into a room now."
David Payne, Consultant
Atlanta, GA

"Being color-blind has always made it challenging to dress successfully. I used to limit my colors to avoid "mistakes," and I couldn't see what the colors were doing to me. Now that I have a true guide, I can feel the difference, including how people respond to me."
Walter Troelsen, Pianist / Entertainer