Rochele is a life consultant working with her clients to create and support exciting, balanced and successful lives

End upset and confusion about Emotions in the Workplace.

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Consulting Services

I provide consultation on Personal Transformation for Relationships, Career and Personal Path. Click here for more information on Consultation Services.

I am also internationally recognized as an expert on Color and Style in the Suzanne Caygill Method.

See our Facebook Group on the Suzanne Caygill Color Legacy.

Please contact me directly for an appointment.

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Color and Style Consultations

Color Palette

Having your colors done is a journey into self-awareness. Itís also a good starting point for your relationship and career consultations.

Color Palette and Style Session

Includes your authentic Suzanne Caygill-method hand-painted color palette plus information on your style and personality characteristics, based on your Suzanne Season.

I also provide information on your Rayid Iris patterns, and how this relates to your relationship attractions and communication styles.

Allow 3+ hours for one person, and 6 hours for two at your location*

- Individual $500
- 2 people $900

Optional services at your home after the palette session:

Closet Review -
I will show you what
you have that
supports your colors
and style. This also helps
you see what is less helpful.

$60/half hour
My suggestions on colors for decorating $60/half hour

*Please check the schedule for when I may be in your area. I can travel to your city in the U.S. with a guarantee of $1,800 (up to 4 palettes) plus accommodation.

Shopping Trips

During this 3 to 6-hour shopping adventure, I will select clothing, makeup and accessories to help build your wardrobe and to educate your eye for the styles and colors that work for you.
 3 Ĺ hours $550
Add'l Hour $100

Development of "Online Closet" with the Hue & Stripe system

This is a brand new feature. I can search for items of apparel that I feel would suit you and add them to your Online Closet for your review. You can click to order, or visit the stores yourself.

A great way to open your eyes to what is possible. email me with the Subject Line ONLINE CLOSET . I will send you an application to get started.

Apparel Searches $30 / half hour

To find a minimum 4 items (jackets, tops, slacks, dresses)
Only available to my Color Palette Clients

Relationship Consultations

I provide an Intuitive Reading of the True Energy in your Relationships, and what it means for the dynamics of the relationship. We'll discuss how to shape your expectations to have greater feelings of success, and what might be possible in transforming major issues.

Click to see Programs to rapidly address your relationship concerns.

Life Strategy Consultations

These sessions can include strategic design processes, intuitive assessments on career, relationships and health, and how to "clear your path" to desired success.

Sessions are individually designed to meet your needs.

Programs to help resolve specific issues are available

Speaking Engagements and Seminars

  • Relationship Chemistry in the Workplace
  • Clear Instincts for Innovation Success
  • Willingness to be Safe
  • The Transformation Option©

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