Rochele is a life consultant working with her clients to create and support exciting, balanced and successful lives

End upset and confusion about Emotions in the Workplace.

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Caroline Sutherland Medical Intuitive and Author of "The Body Knows"
Dr. Joseph Mercola Website with plenty of good information on health
Dr. John Wittle Atlanta-based Chiropractor and Applied Kinesiologist
Carmela Tafoya Personal Trainer
Immune Recovery Foundation Alternative Cancer Treatment Center and EDTA Chelation Center
Metametrix Laboratory For laboratory test to determine risk for cardiovascular disease and diabetes
Dr. Russell Mc Dougal Atlanta-based mecury-free Dentist
Norman Zapien Hair Designer: Master Cuts and Color
Rex Watson Studio Rex - Master Makeup Artist
Erin Madigan-Fleck Makeup Artist / Atlanta
Erhin Colour Cosmetics & Aesthetitique
Noevir Skin Care The skin care products I have used for years. To order for yourself, use Source ID Code S2007146
Love and Freedom
John Lee Author / Workshop Leader
"Expressing and Releasing Anger Appropriatelty
Barbara Findeisen, MA, MFT STAR Program
10-Day Personal Growth Retreat
Stan Grof, M.D., Ph.D Psychiatrist / Transpersonal Psychology
Holotropic Breathwork
June d'Estelle, Ph.D Meditation TeacherThe Illumintated Mind Seminars
Denny Ray Johnson RAYID - System for using the eye's iris to understand mental and emotional characteristics
Muriel Lindsay Astrologer
Diamond & River Jameson Total Integration Institute Shamanic Journeys for Transformation
David Martin The Spanda Group provides "Stretch," a Program for reaching your goals

Association for Pre and Perinatal Psychology and Health

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Connie Siewert, Author "The Skeptics Guide to The Adventures of Life"
Neil Riley Holistic Living - Singapore
Svetla Bankova Life Manual for 21st Century Women