Rochele is a life consultant working with her clients to create and support exciting, balanced and successful lives

''Life is messy, juicy and wonderful.
I love it!''

How can I begin to tell you about me?

I am a native of Virginia, now living in Atlanta. I have degrees in Physics and Industrial & Systems Engineering. I had a successful 15-year corporate career in the telecommunications industry, including management positions in information systems, marketing and sales, forecasting, and organizational effectiveness consulting. I have had my own business for over 15 years, consulting to multi-national corporations both in the US and in Southeast Asia. In 1996, I added video conferencing equipment sales and e-business consulting.

And most important to me --
I have been on a journey for the last 20 years to understand
    who I am,
    what shapes my experiences,
    and how I can increase my freedom
        to have more of what I know I want.

As a professional consultant, I've worked with people of all kinds and cultures. Rich and poor. Successful business people. Overachievers. Geniuses. Hard workers. People like you and me. Also, I have diagnosed and designed many organizations and systems to improve their effectiveness. I've used my consulting skills to better understand my own life-transforming experiences, and how to share them with others.

While challenges are real for all of us along the journey, I have found ways to more rapidly traverse that terrain, and get to the other side.

I hope the resources I have developed will help you in your unique journey of celebrating, growing, and healing.

My name is Rochele H C Hirsch

Please call me Rochele.