Relationships can provide love, joy and the opportunity for healing old emotional wounds.

''Love means ... both the feeling and the behavior''

True Energy Types

True Energy Brief Description
Parent / Child A responsible, "teaching / learning" relationship; the child will feel loved, but also feel "less than equal" to the parent, and could be "rebellious"
Grandparent / Grandchild The grandparent just "adores" the grandchild; the grandchild soaks up the love, and enjoys being the center of attention
Lover Peer level "partners" with a natural intimacy. They quickly find that they feel "a part-of-one-another"
Friend Peer level, trusting buddies; instant and lasting comradeship
Associate Social friends, stay in touch -- but this relationship takes much more effort to operate successfully in the roles of close friends or family
Mirror You really are reacting to your own "stuff" with the person. Can be positive or negative
Incidentals Once they have passed through your life, there is no real "energy attachment" providing incentive to stay in touch
Counselor One looks to the other for "life advice" could have very unusual counselor focus