Transforming HC React Codes™ to drop stress and improve health

You've known that you are a unique individual... Now learn how to nurish your unique self.

What does it take?
A clear intention for health... water and air... loving hugs... eating right for your type... increasing muscle... aerobic activity... proper supplements.

Pre-Conscious Emotional Imprints set up Ongoing Reactions to Life Events.

Emotional Imprints that form HC React Codes™

In 1924, Otto Rank (1884-1939), a leading disciple and confidant of Freud and the first lay psychoanalyst, broke with Freud with the publication of his two books The Development of Psychoanalysis (Ferenczi & Rank, 1924/1956) and The Trauma of Birth (1924/1952).

Rank opened the door to perinatal psychology, i.e., working with pre-conscious, birth-related trauma, as the cornerstone of man’s issues with life. His work launched a succession of awakened thinkers including Rollo May, Carl Rogers, Paul Goodman, Ernest Becker, Matthew Fox, Stanislov Grof, Thomas Verny, William Emerson, David Chamberlain, and a growing body of therapists and researchers in the field of Pre and Perinatal Psychology and Health and Transpersonal Psychology. (See and  for further information.)

Based on my personal experience over the last 20 years, exploring my own “birth psychology,” I know that we are born into this world not as "blank slates," but as “cosmic beings,” expressing our uniqueness, and carrying the impact of coming into a human, physical environment.

Our uniqueness includes the consciousness of our DNA which shows up in our physical bodies as genes that affect the color and characteristics of our eyes, skin, hair.-- the markings on our palms, the structures in the iris of our eyes. These physical characteristics have also been correlated with personality characteristics. Our bodies truly reveal much of who we are as an innate being.

And there are other unique characteristics that reveal themselves in how we react to the events and conditions of our physical life.

I have found that our reactions to life are consistent with what I term HC React Codes™ ... codes whose origin are emotional imprints from generational inheritance, the period before birth, the birth process itself, and early childhood. Other codes may also be added during adolescence. It is these HC React Codes  that drive many of our automatic reactions to life's events, especially those that lead to pain.

These HC React Codes are part of the subconscious mind / body connection. They are not part of the conscious mind. The conscious mind will see evidence of them ... but the conscious mind can only attempt to cope with the results of these automatic reactions.

I have described these HC React Codes™ as a 3-part system:

1 - Emotional Solder – Emotion that “got stuck” and didn’t move
2 - Survival Tactic - the automatic reaction designed to avoid the feeling of the stuck emotion ... emotion that was too dangerous to express when it occurred
3 –Hardwired Underlying Belief -- the underlying "truth" that guides the automatic and recurring emotional experiences in a person's life.

These HC React Codes shape Life Energy into emotional and physical experiences. We see patterns of these experiences recurring throughout our lives. We continue to "be successful" in having the Hardwired Underlying Beliefs "come true" in our lives, flavored by the emotion of the Emotional Solder.

The method for removing these HC React Codes requires the following:
1 - Intent for healing and transformation
2 - Intensely going into the feeling of the emotions -- to "melt off the emotional solder"
3 - As the emotional solder melts, the mind begins to deliver the hardwired belief ... the underlying personal truths about "how life is"
4 - As you recognize how you have been fully involved in helping these "truths" come true .. by how you react to circumstances .. then you can recognize how you truly are "creating your reality"
5 - As you maintain your loving intent for healing, and connect in with the power of loving-life-energy, you then choose to CHANGE the old, unloving "truth" to a new, more loving belief.
6 - Let it be so.

HC React Codes Signatures© for Disease

Intuitively, I have found that certain combinations of HC React Codes provide a signature for a particular disease, such as breast cancer or diabetes.

The demonstration of this concept is currently underway in Atlanta.

My "knowing" is that the vibrational pattern of these HC React Code Signatures will set-the-stage for a person to be susceptible to the disease. Whether or not the person contracts the disease will depend upon the level of life stresses the person experiences and how much compensating life energy the person brings in.

Stress is whatever reduces the feeling of Life Energy, including emotional and environmental causes.

If the person does NOT have the particular HC React Code Signature, then my sense is that he or she will not contract that particular disease.

These HC React Code Signatures can be healed and transformed. My sense is that the transformation of the codes in the signature will effectively provide immunity to that disease or condition. Proof, of course, will require many years of research. Our first efforts will be to demonstrate that the person who is identified with the particular HCRC Signature will agree that their emotional experience tracks with what the Signature predicts. Freedom from recurrence of the disease, over time, will contribute to the proof. Also, we plan to test for change in genetic markers for that disease.

The process I use for identifying these HC React Code Signatures involves my own intuitive connection to the unconscious. I am able to "read" a person for whether or not they carry the HCRC Signature.

To heal and transform these Signatures, I help the person work through each of the 2-5 HC React Codes in the signature.

If a person already is dealing with the effects of the disease, then by deleting the Signature, that person's body is expected to heal much faster (unless the disease has progressed too far).

The new paradigm for Preventive Health, we propose, includes:
    1 - Scan for the Signature
    2 - Delete the Signature
    3 - Nourish the body in returning to and/or maintaining health

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Note: The emerging field of Epigenetics, as described in Bruce Lipton’s book The Biology of Belief, provides the biological underpinning for how environment and emotional states actually affect the expression of the genes.

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