Emotions - the wellspring of aliveness, the route to freedom.

''I went searching for my joy and passion - and found it. It came through expressing my emotions - to their core - for myself.''


Anger the natural feeling you have when your boundary is crossed or your expectation is not met
Fear the natural feeling you have when you anticipate danger or harm
Emotional Hurt the natural feeling you have when someone's behavior has broken your trust, making it more difficult to trust or feel loyalty
Physical Hurt the pain your body feels when it has been injured
Rage an intense feeling of "I don't like this and I can't do anything about it!!!"
Hatred the feeling of wanting to "hurt back" rooted in having been hurt either by that person, or something in the past that you relate to the current situation
Sorrow the feeling associated with deep and significant loss
Shame the feeling of not being okay or acceptable
Guilt not an emotion; rather a "holding pattern" used to avoid the true emotions of fear and/or anger
Joy the exuberance of feeling happy, alive and grateful
Love the wonderful feeling that includes a sense of pleasure, trust, intimacy, honesty, understanding, caring, beauty
Gratitude the feeling of happiness and respect for what has been given and received
Satisfaction the good feeling of meeting expectations, of having enough

Definitions of Behavior Often "Blamed" on Emotions

Punishment behavior which injures a person physically, emotionally, or financially as retribution for that person's undesired actions, and as a threat to prevent future undesired actions
Control measures or behavior used to direct or restrict a person's behavior which can include threat of punishment, loss, or shame
Loving behavior which helps a person feel loved, and includes behavior which evokes feelings of security, pleasure, trust, intimacy, understanding, caring
Withdrawl "leaving" whether physically or emotionally
Raging or Angry Behavior When directed at a person or group, this is designed to inflict punishment or gain control.

When the INTENT is Healing, rather than trying to punish or control others, this behavior can be used to "move the energy" of rage and anger. In this case, it is expressed and released -- for one's self, and is not inflicted on another person. This type of expression can lead to the healing of root causes, and to transformation of the situation.