Emotions - the wellspring of aliveness, the route to freedom.

''I went searching for my joy and passion - and found it. It came through expressing my emotions - to their core - for myself.''

Model for Healing

The model first recognizes that each person sources from the divine ... that each of us comes from LOVE.

And there is loving life energy flowing from Eternal Loving Intelligence, providing energy to every living being.

However, in order to be human, each of us must have a filter system.
     This filter system is loaded with beliefs and attitudes about "how life is."
     These beliefs are held in place by emotional baggage.

As life energy flows through our individual filter system, it creates a diffraction pattern, much like a prism does with sunlight. I describe our physical experience as the shadow or the light pattern on the ground.

Between our physical experience and our filter system is our emotional experience ... the thoughts and feelings we have about the physical experience.

Our emotional experience, i.e., our reaction to the physical, often reflects and is intensified by the beliefs and emotional baggage in our filter system.

Our job is to clear the emotional baggage and unloving beliefs in our filter system ... so that we have greater freedom to create what we know we want, rather than just repeating the old stuff.