Emotions - the wellspring of aliveness, the route to freedom.

''I went searching for my joy and passion - and found it. It came through expressing my emotions - to their core - for myself.'

Love, the Noun  
Love, the Verb

End upset and confusion about Emotions in the Workplace!
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Natural feelings associated with aliveness and being human include:

Love Rage Pity
Joy Hatred Peace
Fear Sorrow Gratitude
Hurt Shame
Anger Despair and more

Engaging your emotional will by expressing your emotions ... in appropriate and safe ways ... leads to health ... to healthy respect of yourself and of others ... and to greater opportunity.

Yet, most of us have received little education in how to use our emotional will, or how to clear our emotional baggage and its associated beliefs about "how life is".

Research has demonstrated conclusively that our emotional history begins before we are born. During early childhood and adolescence, more emotional history is programmed in.

Emotions that are not cleanly expressed and released -- especially those associated with "survival patterns" -- become emotional baggage. These emotions tend to repeat themselves in our adult lives, often sabotaging our desires for success.

Out of the many healing modalities I have experienced, I developed my personal Model of Healing and Freedom. I have used this for many years to understand and transform my life experience. I am grateful for the results.

The model can be used first to improve "coping" skills and reduce unnecessary distress and hurt.

If you are truly intent on transformational change, and willing to embrace a whole new concept for resolving issues and increasing freedom ... it is possible ... though not easy.

I can coach you in methods for transforming life patterns and also direct you to other resources and workshops that support these methods. Please review our consulting services.

Now you have more choices than ever!