Part of our human nature is the desire to grow, to create order, to seek beauty, to feel achievement...

It's the vision of our future that takes us there - not our past.

Life Strategies

What do you desire?

So how do you get there?

We begin with intent. Clear intent is the starting point for allowing and achieving success in whatever you desire.

Then we'll work together to define your environment, your resources, and your history of change. From this base, we will develop your mission, strategies and action plans to meet your goals.

I'll add my intuitive skills to my 25-years experience in consulting to help you explore new options, design innovative strategies, reveal strengths and clear blockages to your desire for success.

Whether you are planning to move ahead in your career, change relationships, or start your own business, I will help you chart the course from here to there.

Initial session must be in person or by video conference.
Follow-up sessions can be by telephone.

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