Part of our human nature is the desire to grow, to create order, to seek beauty, to feel achievement...

It's the vision of our future that takes us there - not our past.

Clear Intent

Deepok Chopra, M.D., has popularized the concept of clear intent and he is so right!

Clear intent means that you are aligned between what you say you want, and what you are truly willing to have, without interference from some more powerful competing intent.

We can say we desire wealth, but we may be limited by our emotional baggage and deep-rooted beliefs that effectively say "No."

I can work with you to uncover those emotions and beliefs that block your desires, and give you more opportunity to have what you know you want.

We will develop coping skills to reduce sabotaging patterns, and determine what it will take to transform the situation.

Our goal is to have more freedom and more success in your personal choices.