Part of our human nature is the desire to grow, to create order, to seek beauty, to feel achievement...

It's the vision of our future that takes us there - not our past.


Business Career

Perhaps you're ready for the next promotion ... or the next developmental opportunity ... or perhaps you believe you're ready to quit and start your own business.

My role is to help you clear the path to your desired career.

If your reason for change is motivated by frustration in the current situation with your boss, the company, the wage scale, the opportunity for making a difference we can delve into the roots of your frustration, and work a plan to help ensure that it won't happen again in the next situation.

If your vision for the future cannot be met in your current job, we can explore that vision, refine the details, clear emotional blockages to success, and design the path forward.

By combining your ideas and clear intent with my strategic processes, intuitive skills, and model for emotional healing and freedom, we can have a strong partnership in moving your career along.

Personal Life

Your Personal Life Strategies may include
     your vision for relationships in your life
     how to balance work and home life
     how to plan for a pending divorce
     how to plan for a family vacation
     or whatever you would like to see "go well"

My job is to help you design the future ... and clear the path to it.

Contact me, and we'll work out the details.