Creating a harmony between who you are ... and what you have around you... with color ...that's using your color edge

The Essence of Spring

Spring ... the world suddenly sparkles into bloom. Spring flowers hold their heads up and reach toward the sun. The quality of spring colors is bright, fresh and radiant; there are no shadows, no darkness. Their harmonies are related to the yellow of sunshine.

Acting and reacting without laborious deliberation, re-supplying the sense of rightness, brings more affirmation into their lives and those of others.

From Suzanne Caygill's Color: The Essence of You

Images of Spring
Spring Women
Julie Andrews
Shirley Temple Black
Hillary Clinton
Candice Bergen
Nicole Kidman
Claudette Colbert
Doris Day
Zsa Zsa Gabor
Goldie Hawn
Angela Lansbury
Mary Martin
Nancy Reagan
Debbie Reynolds
Dinah Shore
Beverly Sills
Spring Men
James Cagney
Clark Gable
Johnny Carson
Jimmy Carter
Bing Crosby
Bob Hope
John Kennedy
Ronald Reagan
Robert Redford
Frank Sinatra
William Shatner
Ted Turner
John Wayne