Creating a harmony between who you are ... and what you have around you... with color ...that's using your color edge

The Essence of Winter

A Winter scene is awe-inspiring in its beauty and silence. Nature plays freely with patterns of stark, naked branches silhouetted like lace ... the Winter world, even without snow, is serenely aloof; in frozen splendor she is regal, dignified.

The distinction and presence of those whose coloring carries innate contrasts create an individualistic personality that stands apart in excellence and quality of being.

From Suzanne Caygill's Color: The Essence of You

Images of Winter
Winter Women
Dolores Del Rio
Margot Fonteyn
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
Ava Gardener
Audrey Hepburn
Vivien Leigh
Elizabeth Taylor
Demi Moore
Angelica Houston
Beverly Sills
Winter Men
Paul Newman
Leonard Bernstein
Marlon Brando
Henry Fonda
Cary Grant
Dustin Hoffman
Gregory Peck
John Travolta
Henry Winkler
Phil Donahue
Tony Curtis
Omar Shariff
Bruce Willis